ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Institute of Rheumatology

The management bodies of the Institute of Rheumatology include:

Director – Doc. dr Goran Radunović
Board of Directors-President: Dr. Predrag Radovanovic
The Supervisory Board sci-Mr. Dr. Elias Rosi

Professional bodies of the Institute are:

Expert advice – Chairman: prof. Dr. Nada Vujasinović Stupar
Senior Staff
Ethics Committee: President: Klin.asist. Dr. sci. honey. Vera Milic
Commission for the improvement of the quality of work-President: Dr. sci. honey. Predrag Ostojic

Director of the Institute:
prof. Dr. Damjanov

Assistant Director of Medical Affairs:
Doc. Dr. Goran Radunović

Assistant Director for scientific research and educational activities:

Head Nurse of the Institute:
VMS Svetlana Zeković

The main activity of the Institute is carried out through the work of the Department of specialist-consultative, Day Hospital, Department of Laboratory Diagnosis, Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Department of the pharmaceutical services (hospital pharmacies) and six more specialized hospital departments. Within the Department of specialist consultative there is the Department of osteodensitometric, ultrasound and diagnostic capillaroscopic).

Department of specialist-consultative (Head of Department: Dr. Slobodanka Djordjevic-Kontić, gl. Med. Nurse VMS Ana Milanovic)
– Department of osteodensitometry (Head of Department: MSc. Med. Dr. Snezana Novković)
– Department of Ultrasound Diagnostics (Head of Department: MSc. Med. Dr. Slavica Prodanovic)
– Department of electromyographic diagnosis
– Capillaroscopic diagnosis

Department of Diagnostic Radiology (Head of Department: Dr. Srdjan Seric, gl. Technician: higher x-ray technician Vladimir Jelinek)

Department of Laboratory Diagnostics (Head of Department: Assist. Bukilica, gl. Laboratory: Slavica Steković)

Wards, II (Head of Department: prof. Dr. Nada Vujasinović-Stupar, gl. Nurse Department VMS Snow Slavković)

Hospital ward III (head of department: klin.asist. PhD. Med. Dr. Vera Milic, gl. Nurse VMS Bosa Radovčić)

Hospital wards IVA (Head of Department: Mr sci med. Dr. Dragan Obradovic-Palic, gl. Nurse VMS Jelena Mitković)

Hospital wards IVB (Head of Department: Assoc. Marija Perovic-Radak, gl. Nurse VMS Ranka Ivanovic)

Wards, V (Head of Department: wedge. Asst. Dr. Predrag Ostojic, gl. Nurse VMS Jelica Muscle)

Hospital ward VI (Head of Department: prof. Dr. Roksanda Stojanovic, gl. Nurse VMS Olgica Stefanović)

Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Head of Prim. Dr. Mary Terek, Chief Therapist: physical therapist Vladimir Kuslevova)

Department of Legal Affairs: Head of Department: Vesna Pajic Minderović, BSc. lawyer
Within this department there is a person responsible for the information of public importance (Vesna Pajic Minderović) and officer of public relations (Gordana Ristanović).

Department of Financial Affairs: Head of Department: Ljiljana Jaćimović, BSc. economists.

Technical Services: Head of Dragan Panović, BSc. ing.

Scheme of the organizational structure of the Institute of Rheumatology, Belgrade